David Acer is an original in a business where creativity is a treasured commodity, and that fact alone places him on the very short A-list of top contributors to the art of magic.” - David Regal


An inventor of magic tricks used by magicians around the world, David has performed his original brain-blasters on several international television specials, including Discovery's Grand Illusions, NHK Japan's F.I.S.M., and Sky One England's The Secret World of Magic.

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If you liked whatever your favorite book is, you'll love More Power To You!

More Power To You
The Very Best of David Acer

29 ingenious routines from over 20 years of published work, all rewritten, revised, updated and upgraded. Plus 3 brand new miracles, including David's astonishing moving-hole effect, "Wormhole"!...more info


GOTCHA! : Does Bigfoot exist? Are crop circles made by aliens? Can dead bodies climb out of their graves and show up at your birthday party? Join Doubting Dave and the Mystery Hunters as they investigate some of the world’s oldest and coolest mysteries, THEN learn how to recreate those mysteries YOURSELF to fool your friends!...more info



"...one of the strongest, most visual coin effects that can be performed close-up. The coins do all the work." - David Regal

You offer to perform the famous "11-cent Trick" with your penny and a borrowed dime. The two coins change places TWICE under impossible conditions.

Finally, you suggest the famous "26-cent Trick" might be easier to follow and close your hand around the dime. When you open your hand, the dime is seen to have CHANGED INTO A QUARTER!...more info


"David Acer was extreme before it was cool to be extreme, and he has video to prove it." - Bill Duncan, M-U-M Magazine

"Machiavelli has a new name and that name is Acer." Bob Farmer

"Acer is an original in a business where creativity is a treasured commodity" David Regal, Genii magazine

David Acer is my favorite tall Canadian. Wait a minute, I forgot about Gary Kurtz. David Acer is my second favorite tall Canadian.” - Michael Close, MAGIC

David performs his brain-busting coin trick, SPARE CHANGE.



David performs his reality-bending card trick, CHANGES, from MORE POWER TO YOU